3.3.2 has landed


Just a quickie.  A new patch is available for download now.

The new patch releases Frostwing Halls with Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa.

Toravon, the new VoA boss is out.  He drops T10 pants and gloves (same as the T9 one did).

Heroics have had everything that might slow you down removed, except the trash mobs.  Rumour has it they will be removed also in 3.3.3 🙂

Gobble gobble.

Edit: Title fixed to the correct version 😉


17 Responses to 3.3.2 has landed

  1. Vamptessa says:

    3.3.2 bob 🙂

  2. Piru says:

    The new boss is pretty easy in 10m, not tried 25 yet!

    Tanks switch @ 8 stacks, I’d suggest 5k+ dps, and 3 healers, can 2 heal though I imagine, just the whiteout hits hard for the raid.
    We killed him at 4 stacks, any more and it might start killing lesser geared people.

  3. Eversor says:

    Next patch, Blizz will actually just save us the trouble and you’ll actually be awarded frost and triumph badges on a daily basis under the assumption that you could complete at least one heroic instance…assuming you had time.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Lol yeah. As soon as I loaded the site a sec ago I thought not 3.2.2.. dummy 🙂

    LOL @ Eversor.

  5. Maximumbob says:

    Important change for disc priests. Purified Lunar Dust trinket was ‘fixed’. It had its spell power corrected appropriate to the i level.

    Requires level 80
    Item level 264
    Equip: Increases spell power by 179.
    Equip: Your spell casts have a chance to grant 304 mana per 5 sec for 15 sec.

  6. Vamptessa says:

    @Maximumbob: Interesting, I have Sliver of Pure Ice (251) and talisman of resurgence. I wonder if replacing the talisman with the Purified Lunar Dust would be wise. I’d gain a ton of SP as well as the mana regen to make up for the 128 int?

  7. Piru says:

    I’d probably replace the Sliver with it. The int is really nice for disc.

  8. Vamptessa says:

    1646 int -> 1498 int
    2808 sp -> 2987 sp

    Being 3K SP totally unbuffed would be fairly awesome for my shields, no? I know my mp5 is tied to int (via Rapture) and the mana pool size. The lunar dust is worth about 76 mp5.

  9. Piru says:

    I run Althor’s Abacus and Talisman, I have Sliver in the bank.
    It’s a personal choice, in the end. I prefer the int because when I switched I really missed that mana, but it’s entirely situational.

    I generally value the longevity more because I actually >have< had mana issues once in a blue moon in ICC.

  10. Jackie says:

    I would drop the Tailsman if u have a healthy mana pool of say 27k at least, no need to have gigantic mana pool when almost all raids should be running with replenishment. The Purified Lunar dust is a huge chunk of SP that will benefit your shields 🙂 At the moment im running with lunar & solace of the defeated. 3.4k SP self buffed.

  11. Vamptessa says:

    Self-Buffed I have 26053 mana without the talisman, 28273 with.

    I guess I can pick up the trinket and try it out, if I have mana issues, sell it back.

  12. Piru says:

    Part of my mana is how I am geared/stats and the fact my 10ICC runs without replenishment. I’ve has to become good with conservation etc.

    My self buffed stats:
    39%(incl talent) crit
    600/18.25% haste
    465/271 mp5
    31000 mana

    If you’re personally without mana issues, it would be a good choice. Running with pure thoroughput in my one slot I think is my best arguement why I use talisman.

  13. Vamptessa says:

    Yeah I am at 15% haste, 3K SP, 26% haste (character sheet, not talent).

    I borrowed the trinket and it resulted in 3 fewer flash heals over the course of a full mana pool.

    I think I’ll borrow it tonight for Marrowgar and see how it does. I still have Hands/Legs/Chest to upgrade. Grr T10 🙂 I have 2pc T10 now (head shoulders) and still deciding if I want the Hands/Chest (for spirit in case I am needed as holy) or go all offset, which gives me 2% more crit and 3% more haste, but much lower mp5 (about 80 lower)

  14. Vamptessa says:

    I just noticed if I go 4pc t10 and end up picking up a frozen bonespike, my haste drops to 13%, which makes for a very weak GCD imo (sure the first after a shield is ok, then it’s downhill from there)

  15. Piru says:

    Yeah. I’m personally rocking the offset crit+haste pieces (well.. will be! Chest next week) because I don’t really need the spirit. I gem either Luminous, Royal, or Dazzling depending on what I need that week, and the socket. I figure the mp5 really isn’t too wasted.

    I used to be an advocate of lower haste, but honestly I think anything below 15% is just.. meh! I really enjoy the benefits to the GCD, and although I’m a Grand Master bubble spammer, sometimes I /am/ off BT such as Festergut when it comes to super heal tank time.

    The issue I’ve found with Lunar Dust is that the proc rate is amazingly low. Althor’s Abacus for example, procs within 5 seconds for me of being up, ALWAYS. Lunar Dust in my ‘renting’ of it, has shown up to a 50 second time for it to proc, AFTER being off ICD. I really dislike it, and the Talisman is great in that its returns are also seen from rapture, replenishment, shadowfiend, and hymn of hope.

  16. Piru says:

    &Yes, I do realise people say after like 1000 int you should use spirit counterparts, but.. bleh. I don’t play holy or shadow often, and I’m too lazy to find a JC with diff cuts.

  17. Cínna says:

    Bob I miss you, hope you’re coming back to blogging again soon 🙂

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