Lich King down

16 March 2010


I don’t normally do much of this sort of thing, but time to break with tradition.  Congratulations Highborne on downing Lich King in 10 man!

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Random thoughts

6 March 2010


Saw a Cataclysm trailer the other day.  It actually looked good.  How are they going to work 5 levels of content into two entire old world continents?  Will levels 80-85 be the slowest grind seen in WoW for a long time?

Just noticed I got linked from Wow.Com and their Daily Quest.  Not hugely proud of it as it was really just me having a whine.

To those that want the ICC buff to see the content but have less time top play… *puts tongue in cheek* watch the videos?

I should probably explain this.  I play this game for challenge.  If the challenge is reduced i’ll probably finish what I started, but I will have less incentive to take up new challenges in-game knowing that they will be artificially reduced.  Hmm, maybe I am just being an elitist prick 😉

I survived the removal of the loot incentive in raiding so i guess i’ll survive this 🙂  There is probably a deep and meaningful post somewhere in these random thoughts.

Oh its optional?

Fiddling T10 priest still

4 March 2010


I must have been cranky yesterday.  Still not happy about it, but meh, whatever.  Might break 15k DPS on my shadow priest by the end of T10 😉

Turkelife mourns the death of normal mode Ice Crown Citadel content.

Must…move…on…. 🙂

Slightly more interesting are the changes to priest T10 gear on the public test realm.  5% more PW:S and Renew?  Still a yawn, but you never know where it will end up.

Roll the dice?  Get yourself a chance at a T10 set bonus as over-powered as some of the other classes (Rogues, prot wars, bears, for example)?  Maybe…

Gobble gobble.

ICC nerfed!

3 March 2010


Nothing constructive to read sorry. Not much makes me want to swear on my blog, but this is it.

Fuck off with the ICC nerfs already!!

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