Fiddling T10 priest still


I must have been cranky yesterday.  Still not happy about it, but meh, whatever.  Might break 15k DPS on my shadow priest by the end of T10 😉

Turkelife mourns the death of normal mode Ice Crown Citadel content.

Must…move…on…. 🙂

Slightly more interesting are the changes to priest T10 gear on the public test realm.  5% more PW:S and Renew?  Still a yawn, but you never know where it will end up.

Roll the dice?  Get yourself a chance at a T10 set bonus as over-powered as some of the other classes (Rogues, prot wars, bears, for example)?  Maybe…

Gobble gobble.


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  1. Vamptessa says:

    “Turkelife mourns the death of normal mode Ice Crown Citadel content.”

    come on bob 🙂

    You are mourning the chance to be better than others. But you’re not; People have already beaten you to the punch.

    You are your own best competitor. Have your raid group play without the buff. Win. Know you rocked the house.

    Nothing else matters.

  2. septos says:

    As a Holy Priest who uses renew and pw:shield frequently when on the run or as filler this is a rockin bonus for me personally. And just 250 more badges …

  3. adorno says:

    I figure it will add around 1.5-2% to my total healing for most fights where Im shield spamming. (not including DA procs from the glyph)

    So it will make us look a little better on WoL; but in terms of effective application, the amount added to each shield is around 400-500 — not so much of a life saver.

    At least the current t10 when it procs has the potential to seriously save lives — whether tank healing or in 10 mans, that’s a powerful proc.

    So Im not overly excited about the proposed change.

  4. Powerwordftw says:

    Although this is not as OP as the resto druid and shaman’s 4pc bonuses it’s still quite nice – maybe they’ll be nice and bump it up another 5 or 10 percent… we can only hope :p

    On fights with continuous incoming damage (twins, blood queen, festergut, etc) this bonus is awesome even at it’s current 5% state.

    E.G. Heroic Twins 25 man – raid healing

    Me healing the raid as Disc and bubble spamming the raid I currently pull around 15K HPS and do around 5M in healing – the bonus would mean an extra 750 HPS and around an extra 250K healing done – more than enough reason to take the 4 set bonus.

    I posted the following summary on my guild website and it will probably come in handy to anyone viewing this blog 🙂

    Which off-set do I take?

    For Disc:;51176:51179:51175:51178:49891;51176:51175:51177:51178:50983;51176:51179:51175:51177:50006;51176:51179:51177:51178:50449;51176:51179:51175:51177:51178

    The 6 options you have and the summarised gains when gemmed and including socket bonuses are:

    Chest Off-Set: 0 crit, 48 Spi, 108 Haste, 3 SP
    Legs Off-Set: 100 crit, 0 Spi, 16 Haste, 13 SP
    Hands Off-Set: 96 crit, 48 Spi, 12 Haste, 2 SP
    Helm Off-Set: 8 crit, 136 Spi, 10 Haste, 0 SP
    Shoulder Off-Set: 8 crit, 138 Spi, 10 Haste, 2 SP
    No Off-Set:16 crit, 138 Spi, 0 Haste, 0 SP

    These are gemmed for socket bonuses and gemming:

    Red – +23 SP
    Yellow – +12 SP, +10 Haste
    Blue – +12 SP, +10 Spirit

  5. Napps says:

    I agree with Adorno the spike healing output when the bonus procced was great. Yes it was only a “chance” it would happen, but when I have seen 8 and 9 in a row procs due to not having any internal cooldown our raid group has been able to heal through massive amounts on incoming damage with relative ease.

    I would have forgone the priest T10 for different stats had I known the bonus would change.

  6. Adorno says:

    @naps, t10 is probably still a good choice stat wise due to its bonus and some 25man and heroic tokens.

  7. femmefatale says:

    According to EJ with 4k sp the 4 set is equiv to ~300sp in terms of absorbption. Well worth all the spirit and crit of the holy gear (for shield spammers anyway).

  8. BobTurkey says:

    @femmefatale – Yeah thats about 525 extra damage absorbed per shield (4k SP vs 4.3k SP). Thats decent bonus.

  9. Vamptessa says:

    My problem is that I need to compare that bonus vs what I’d lose dropping two 264 offsets to 251 t10 (due to 10 man) I think I am still better off with offsets

  10. BobTurkey says:

    Personally I wouldn’t change in a hurry. I healed LK10 wearing the gear from my list without issues. 525 sounds like a good amount and it is, but in the grand scheme of a 10 or 25 raider fight it makes very little difference.

    One reason to change, and something i’ll post about soon, is the up coming 4.0.x changes to stats. Disc priests wearing gear with little spirit will almost certainly have regen issues once the stat changes arrive and I expect this to occur in the next few months. Certainly before Cataclysm arrives.

  11. Vamptessa says:

    I am thinking the stat changes come in Oct, similar to when 4.0 launched before Wrath.

    I would love to see your math on spirit, I am only in the 700s now, but i do have a fair amount of spirt pieces, and nice ones, but I might have to figure out what to gem for spirit, vs straight SP.

  12. Vamptessa says:

    Oops forgot, this is my current gear. Only one 25 piece. I’m fairly happy given my means 🙂

  13. Will says:

    So they changed the bonus from 5% renew to 10% CoH. I wonder if it’ll be worth giving up the haste to gain spirit and that bonus.

    Using your stat-weights (but increasing the viability of Haste to 1.234 – that’s the score before decreased mana efficiency nerfs it and it’s the one I prefer to use), and wearing the Sanctified helm, shoulder, gloves, and legs over 264 off-set pieces, we lose the equivalence of 33 SP and gain the two piece set bonus (~1-2% of healing) and a 10% more powerful Circle of Healing.

    Even without knowing how effective the CoH bonus will be, I’d think it’s safe to say Holy should go the Sanctified route – but that’s just my opinion.

  14. Will says:

    Ah, I forgot to mention:

    For those who are holy, the four piece grants a double bonus. 5% more on shields is pretty small, but it definitely helps. If you do not have a discipline priest in the raid, shielding is a nice little bonus to your output over casting a renew on a random target – especially on fights like Putricide, Princes, and Rotface.

    Just thought I’d shed light on even more incentive to get it.

  15. ecohealz says:

    Not sure where to ask this question so I will ask it here.

    I joined a guild who was looking for a disc priest. They had me on raid the entire night. I am use to tank healing as disc. I read, any other ideas where I can find information on raid healing as disc? My heals were pathetic. I was told to just spam PWS. I was casting renew after but looks like that was not a good idea…

  16. Vamptessa says:

    @ecoheaz – Link your armory so we can look at your talents and stats. I am out healing all healers on our 25 man (admittedly not a good thing!) but disc can do quite well. Shield+Glyph+DA will become your biggest heals. Penance the tank on CD (unless someone else desperately needs it) to keep Inspiration and Grace up on the tank. Flash heal in between GCDs. Always keep WS up on the tank (ie recast PW:S as soon as Weakened Soul drops) to keep renewed hope up. Pop shields on clothies in scatter phases (like marrowgar bone storm) Know when to use Pain Suppression in a fight (for example keleseth empowerment on BPC) Be very active (cast often). Use Prayer of Mending on CD. Pop POM on CD when tank has shield but WS has dropped, let it ping and re-shield. Or POM someone taking dmg but not < 50% yet. (POM heals after the fact, whereas shield mitigates before the fact) Power Infusion your best ranged on CD unless you need it for fast heals. Prayer of Healing only if you are not the only tank heal, or situational (I time it to land right after a decimate on my group)

  17. septos says:


    If your judging your heals by recount, be aware that recount does not deal with absorbs (healing via PW:S) well (at all?) so those numbers will be deceptively low for you.

  18. Vamptessa says:

    @septos correct. World of Logs does record these though (as best as it can), so I just parse my logs with it after fights.

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