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Saw a Cataclysm trailer the other day.  It actually looked good.  How are they going to work 5 levels of content into two entire old world continents?  Will levels 80-85 be the slowest grind seen in WoW for a long time?

Just noticed I got linked from Wow.Com and their Daily Quest.  Not hugely proud of it as it was really just me having a whine.

To those that want the ICC buff to see the content but have less time top play… *puts tongue in cheek* watch the videos?

I should probably explain this.  I play this game for challenge.  If the challenge is reduced i’ll probably finish what I started, but I will have less incentive to take up new challenges in-game knowing that they will be artificially reduced.  Hmm, maybe I am just being an elitist prick 😉

I survived the removal of the loot incentive in raiding so i guess i’ll survive this 🙂  There is probably a deep and meaningful post somewhere in these random thoughts.

Oh its optional?


3 Responses to Random thoughts

  1. Vamptessa says:

    Yep, very optional, and an awesome way to nerf a dungeon. Use it or not, up to you.

    I guess the only downside is that achievements are still doable with the buff. However, people could get super geared up and still get achievements, so maybe it is not that much of an issue.

  2. Hugo says:

    WoW is becoming even more optional. Gear has become optional (Just click the gear you want from the vendor). Raids/instances have become optional (anybody can go into any raid instance). Killing bosses has become optional (click on the buff if you want to kill a boss). Rare pets have become optional (use your credit card).
    Basically they took out the real achievements and gave us back optional achievements.

    “What?” I hear many players scream “It’s all optional! If you want real achievement, just do not use the buff, or go heroic mode”
    Fact is that the focus of this game has shifted from being achievement oriented to being optionality oriented.
    You might as well just do normal ICC25 with only 20 people.
    You can make it as hard as you want to (optional).

  3. Zulwiga says:

    WoW used to be hard. It’s really not hard anymore. In some ways it’s a shame, in others it’s not. I wish they would put back some of the strategies they took out for simplicity like CC. I wish heroics took longer so they actually felt heroic. I wish AV and Isle were real battles for resources as they were intended, not a giant zerg fest. But a lot of people hated those things, so Blizz took them out.

    On the other hand, when it comes to actual raiding, it’s been nice to be able to see the content as a “casual hardcore”. I was not able to do this in BC even though I wanted to really, really badly. The people in my guild and I are good players who do our research, spend time on our gear, min/max, all the things true hardcore raiders do, but can’t or don’t want to raid more than a day or two a week.

    In essence, I’m agreeing with you about optionality, but I think it’s a good thing. Everyone can, theoretically, kill the Lich King. I wish I didn’t need a 30% buff to do it, I know we have the skill to do it, but not necessarily the organization or time. The whole expansion has led up to taking Arthas out. It would be really disappointing, not just to me but anyone who has bought this game, not be able to do it after all this time and all the buildup Blizzard put into it. I don’t want to miss the climax of the movie.

    Not everyone can play to the full difficulty of the dungeon for one reason or another. For those who want raiding to be hard again, the main stumbling block is finding like minded players who are willing to turn off the buff to purposely make the content harder.

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