Lich King down


I don’t normally do much of this sort of thing, but time to break with tradition.  Congratulations Highborne on downing Lich King in 10 man!

I take back my comments about people pugging the Lich King anytime soon.  There is just too many things in this fight that even 30% extra health, DPS and healing can’t paper over.  Stuff like Val’kyrs, Necrotic Plague expiring and Defile are still going to require some skill and coordination to overcome.

For us it took us about six nights of attempts to down him.  We had about 18 different raiders participate which slowed things down a little.  We also probably didn’t focus as keenly as we should have wasting a lot of attempts.  Much of the earlier 10 man raiding content can be blasted through in 25 man gear, where brute DPS, healing power, tank health pools can help over come many of the smaller challenges in the fights (kinda like the increasing 5% nerf will).  Players are getting their first kill of the Blood Councils, for example, with one eye on the TV and the other on the game.   Lich King is a bit different in that you need to focus for quite a long fight and you need to be well coordinated.

Six nights raiding probably sounds like a fair few these days, but it was worth it.  Lich King 10 is the only fight, except perhaps Professor Putricide 25, which we have defeated and the players have been pumped and excited.  After downing him players were cheering in vent and excited announcing it in guild chat, etc.  It ment something to us.  We’d accomplished something.  Most of the rest of the progression fights have been a case of good work, what’s next kinda thing.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I play this game for challenge.   The progression kills we get on the second night of attempts don’t really provide the same enjoyment as the harder ones.  I can understand Blizzards position of making most of the content available to most people.  It’s in their, and most players, best interest.  But as one of the players who is above average (and i’m far from a cutting-edge hard core raider) the dumbing down of content actually slightly decreases my enjoyment of the game.

Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Gobble gobble.


18 Responses to Lich King down

  1. Windsoar says:

    I’m so happy for ya! Grats, grats, grats ^^

  2. Vamptessa says:


    We were cheering loud when 10 man put went down. You are right, it’s a challenge, and that challenge is at a different level for everyone. Movement, avoiding goos, coming up with strats that benefit the strengths and weaknesses of your raid, all of those things take skill, coordination and leadership.

    We killed council too. No eyes on TV. it took work to keep the tank up during Keleseth. Still just one too many vortexes people got lazy on, etc.

    It’s all very fun 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Grats on the kill Bob. I am looking forward to defeat him as well and I will surely share my moments. =)

  4. Tam says:

    Wow. Grats! A kill entirely celebrating!


  5. Hendrik says:

    Was this 10man normal or heroic btw? 😀

  6. Piru says:

    Grats Bob!

    I haven’t been able to overcome the hurdle of Sindragosa to even throw myself at LK10 yet…
    … but I have killed him on 25. Backwards guilds.

  7. nuclayer says:

    Congratulations Bob.

    Our guild put another 4 straight hours on him last night. I thought we would get it but it just didn’t work out. It is a truly epic fight.

    Your very right about pugs getting a Lich kill. This probably is not going to happen for a while. That fight just takes too much coordination. It also has a nasty RNG factor – Defile + Valk at the same time makes me a sad priest.

  8. BobTurkey says:

    @Hendrik – normal, we’re not that hardcore.

    @Piru – killed him on 25 but not 10, that is a wierd way of doing it. We’re on Sindragosa on 25s but i’m pretty sure we’ll down him next time we get a crack at him. We had him at 10% with 23 raiders (2 DPS missing).

    @nuclayer – You can control which way the valkyrs go by standing slightly on one side of the centre of the platform. They go for the nearest edge.

    Thanks all.

  9. Piru says:

    I agree, it’s a bit odd Bob, but they’re a lot more focused on 25’s than 10 and sometimes we only get to do a few wings. I’ve seen all except LK in 10 man, though.

  10. Zapheille says:

    Congrats Bob! Your remarks are reminiscent of my experience too – I was part of my guild’s first LK10 kill last week, after working on it repeatedly over the previous couple of weeks, and what a sense of satisfaction that was! It really made it feel like all of our hard work and practice had paid off. Now, working on heroic modes in 10-man is even more satisfying to me, knowing that I was able to contribute to unlocking that content for my guild. Good luck on your 25-man attempts!

  11. Linedan says:

    WOO! Congrats man!

  12. Nateli says:

    “Fuck off with the ICC nerfs already!!”
    So I’m wondering: did you get him down without the 5% buff??

  13. Derevka says:

    Nice work, sir.

    Now get crackin’ on those heroics… the loot in here is tasty! Besides I’m enjoying my no-DKP Sanct Tokens. 🙂

    Grats again.

  14. Drivird says:

    Hi Bob!

    Congrats for downing the dark fat Arthas! I’m impatient to follow your steps!

    And, sorry for putting this here, i’ve seen that is no longer active. Maybe, if you could contact the web master to warn hime, i do not know how.

  15. xeonio says:

    Big grats man, very nice accomplishment.

  16. Tautau says:

    Congrats on your LK kill! We’re currently working on 25-man LK and dealing with the frustrations of coordinating Valks & Defile.

  17. sparklefreeze says:

    Hey gratz on the kill. =)

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