Cataclysm class previews


Sorry if you came here wanting another in-depth analysis of Cataclysm class previews. I’m not doing one yet.  Too many things will change before release.

Broadly my thoughts are that Blizzard are fiddling around the edges with the new skills.  The real changes to my mind are the changes to health pools and mana management, which will affect our entire healing strategy.  Possibly making it more like Burning Crusade.  Maybe.  And the changes to talent trees.

I’m still here, just too busy to write.  I got ideas for about eight posts but no time to spend the time on them they need at-the-moment.  Maybe one day.

I think my game time will slow right down soon as i’ve pretty much run out of content to do and i’m alted out as far as gearing goes.  I’m raiding but not much else.  I’ve also been on holidays and have been playing a little Blood Bowl.  So perhaps after I get over that stuff i’ll write them posts.

I do intend at this point to theorycraft priests in 4.0.x, but we’ll see what happens.

Some other thoughts…

Why are most of the heroic Icecrown Citadel fights far easier than the normal version of Lich King?

Isn’t there supposed to me another small raid instance (Ruby Sanctum?) released before Cataclysm?

If all the other gear rains from the sky, why are many DPS stuck using trinkets from tier 8?

Speaking of DPS, don’t disparage them.  They might be mostly filler in heroics, but smart DPS are as important to raid success as tanks and healers in progression kills and other non-easy mode content.  Especially those that know how to do more than produce big DPS numbers.

I love the Lich King fight.

Done.  See yas.

Gobble gobble


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  1. Vamptessa says:

    I have not seen the LK nor Heroic fights in ICC yet (top dps in our 10 is n vacation heh) but I imagine it is like other heroics; You know the fights better, everyone does in fact, so now it’s a matter of fine tuning, vs. starting from scratch.

    If you have excellent normal strat, it’ll carry over.

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