DPS Scaling in Wrath

28 May 2010


Just a quickie to point out this post on Death Goddess.  Some very interesting obsevations on DPS in Wrath and the ability (or otherwise) of the various classes to scale with gear.

This quote is a little surprising as I didnt think shadow priests were doing so badly in 3.3.

Shadow priests aren’t as bad as their reputation. But, they could do better. They still ended up as the second or third worst class/spec, down there with DKs on the junk pile.

Interestingly Fury warriors were by far the top dps.  Anyway go have a read.

Gobble gobble.

Comments on disciplining the Lich King 25

18 May 2010


Hi all. Long time no speak, etc. 🙂 Just thought I’d post to chime in on the current fashion for posting about healing the Lich King (hereafter called just LK) as a disc priest.

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