DPS Scaling in Wrath


Just a quickie to point out this post on Death Goddess.  Some very interesting obsevations on DPS in Wrath and the ability (or otherwise) of the various classes to scale with gear.

This quote is a little surprising as I didnt think shadow priests were doing so badly in 3.3.

Shadow priests aren’t as bad as their reputation. But, they could do better. They still ended up as the second or third worst class/spec, down there with DKs on the junk pile.

Interestingly Fury warriors were by far the top dps.  Anyway go have a read.

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4 Responses to DPS Scaling in Wrath

  1. Mister K says:

    I’ve seen this linked a couple other places it is a very interesting post. Some pretty solid research in my opinion.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah I haven’t looked at the source stuff in detail but ints interesting to see the executive summary of the work in the post.

  3. Hinenuitepo says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    Yes, as the comments bear out, I had a few objections to drawing such broad conclusions from the ‘data’ such as it was, but for what I was interested in, I think it was relatively accurate and informative.

    I definitely was happy to get a ‘bigger picture’ myself, because my google searches on the same subject only turned up various ‘experts’ opinions on scaling (including a wow.com article that interviewed top players of each class from big name guilds – but no data to support their often contradictory thoughts).

    Will your guild bear out the same? Not always, certainly.

    In one of the guilds I’m still participatory in, two of their top dps are an ellie and enhance shammy, respectively. My blog generated some intersting discussion in their forums, to be sure.
    In my raiding guild, myself, a boomkin, and a shadow priest are consistently in the top 5 overall, while our mage usually sits about in the middle of the pack.

    So, individual results may vary, but overall I was interested to see what top players worldwide were doing.

    Thanks again!


  4. swampfoxx says:

    Ooops Sorry about that last post with a link to your own website.. haha

    I have a Disc priest and I play shadow spec sometimes. I find shadow to be weaker than disc. I often own shadow priests as a sdisc by simply letting them go oom and mana burning them.

    I can never seem to get top rating in dps in my shadow spec, I have no idea what I do wrong. Maybe I need more spellpower.

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