Speculation on the Cataclysm damage/healing dynamic

23 July 2010

This is all speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt, but these are some ideas that have popped into my head from time to time (usually when I should be going to sleep).

For me the defining change to game play for the new WoW expansion is how they change the damage/healing dynamic.  These ideas are all based on players having large health pools and spending more time with some health loss.  From what i’ve read about the expansion raid tanks with health pools around 250-300k will normal and non-tanks will have about 40-50k health.  There will also be less one-shot/two-shot spike damage.  So here are a few thoughts.
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Exposing peoples real identity on the internet

8 July 2010


Me too!

Silly idea Blizzard.  I’m going to continue not using the forums. 🙂

Those outraged should consider the risk they take using websites such as Facebook, on which they expose real information about themselves by choice.

Official game forums are always a pointless place to post unless your really, really desperate IMHO. Perhaps if you need technical help or something they are useful, otherwise in-game strategy information and similar are much better hosted on a third-party website where there is no misplaced expectation that game makers will contribute to the conversation.

People seem to mistakenly think they are there for two-way communication between the game makers and their customers.  They are actually just a tool for giving the impression that the game makers/managers are in some way responsive to their customers.

Perhaps a bit harsh I know, but its my experience over the last twenty years of using them.

Gobble gobble.

The current strange state of play

5 July 2010


Well I have to admit I haven’t been playing my  priest much of late.  The guild I was in for much of Wrath officially stopped raiding a couple of months back and it, combined with burn out, was a nice chance to try something different.  Enter the druid.

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