Priest base mana pool and mana regen coefficient at 85

28 September 2010


Following on from my Need to Know post a few days ago it appears I now have the answers to the questions of base mana pool and mana regen coefficient for priests at level 85.

Note these may change at any time before the patch goes live.  I’m only posting these for interest sake. Read the rest of this entry »


Mastery for healing priests

26 September 2010


Don’t do it!

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Need to know!

24 September 2010

Just a quickie.

Stuff that no one seems to know yet about level 85, but this is crucial for theorycrafting is:

Know the answer?  Leave a comment.

Gobble gobble.

Stat conversions at 85

22 September 2010

Wondering how much critical rating equals 1% critical at level 85?  The answer to this and all the other conversions is about 4 times as much as you need at level 80.

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Healing priest talents in 4.0

17 September 2010


Now there is talk of patch 4.0.x landing sometime soon and the priest talents seem to have settled down its time to have a look at them.

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8 September 2010

Sadly that’s about the best description of my interest in Cataclysm ATM.  I’ve tried to be excited about it but, it’s just not happening. 😦

A few real life issues have kinda ganged up on my gaming time (like a new daughter) but after the collapse of my last raiding guild i’ve definently decided i’m over serious raiding.  Three or four nights a week was more like a job and although I did enjoy good chunks of it, it is just too much.

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Crit vs Spell power

6 September 2010


I don’t normally do this but Zusterke and Dawn Moore have an excellent bit of theorycrafting posted on  Its comparing critical rating vs spell power for shield spamming disc priests.

Anyone familiar with my theorycrafting (which doesn’t really include me anymore) would have known the answer to which is better critical rating or spell power, but Dawn has written an excellent post on it.

Check it out.

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