Crit vs Spell power


I don’t normally do this but Zusterke and Dawn Moore have an excellent bit of theorycrafting posted on  Its comparing critical rating vs spell power for shield spamming disc priests.

Anyone familiar with my theorycrafting (which doesn’t really include me anymore) would have known the answer to which is better critical rating or spell power, but Dawn has written an excellent post on it.

Check it out.

Gobble gobble.


One Response to Crit vs Spell power

  1. Spellpower, all the way. I found that article to be a little silly. I’m running now with about 35% crit, raid buffed, and I’m not gemming for crit at all (using sp int in my yellow slots where I get a Good sp bonus, since mana is a little bit more of an issue in heroic icc, now that you don’t always have replenishment in 10 man’s since hunters went marksman)

    So, I don’t need any more crit, particularly due to its diminishing return at that level.

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