Sadly that’s about the best description of my interest in Cataclysm ATM.  I’ve tried to be excited about it but, it’s just not happening. 😦

A few real life issues have kinda ganged up on my gaming time (like a new daughter) but after the collapse of my last raiding guild i’ve definently decided i’m over serious raiding.  Three or four nights a week was more like a job and although I did enjoy good chunks of it, it is just too much.

So i’m back to social raiding.  However, having recently pugged quite a bit on my druid I just don’t think I can face social raiding in WoW either.  Some combination of extreme over-gearing of heroic instances, end game raiding tuned for social players and perhaps the Gear Score addon have resulted in an extremely unenjoyable raiding experience lately.

The skill level of players in both Ice Crown Citadel and heroics is generally very low resulting in continual issues with both group composition (players leaving) and repeated wipes on even trivial content.  Perhaps it is a case of rose coloured glasses but I don’t remember pugging and social raiding being like this when I was doing it plenty during tiers 7 and early tier 8.

I realise this is the end of the expansion and plenty of players are taking breaks or playing classes they are unfamiliar with.  Was the end of Burning Crusade this bad?

I suppose the main issue or thought I have floating around in my mind is, what if Blizzard continue their social friendly raiding idea into Cataclysm?  What if the raids there are of similar difficulty to Ice Crown Citadel is now?  What would I do in-game once the initial conquest of easy content is finished?

I suppose I should mention what got me interested in WoW initially to put this into context.  I looked at WoW when it released and hated the graphics.  I played a couple of other MMOGs the last of which was Guild Wars.  I eventually left GW for WoW because, although GW is an awesome game, it lacked the end game content that WoW had in Burning Crusade.  I loved the idea that there was content such as Sunwell Plateau that I would only be able to see if I was very good and had the time to invest in the game.  It meant I always something to aspire too.

Return to the end of the current expansion and look at the end game content.  Tier 9 is generally agreed to have been poor filler content.  The tier 10 raid was excellent and is well produced, but now heavily nerfed it is easily completed.  So where to next?  What if the raids there are of similar difficulty to Ice Crown Citadel is now?

The announced change to talent trees, guild talents, new raids and new races in Cataclysm are decent and about on par for a new expansion.  The mana regeneration/health pool changes are of potential interest as they could significantly change the way healing works and make it different to the current expansion.  Will these be enough to make the expansion worth buying?

Gobble gobble.


5 Responses to Flat-lined…

  1. Vamptessa says:


    I’ve never done hard core raiding. I have my one LK kill, but our group is very social. Our two nights a week just are not enough, and people only play on those nights, so learning is difficult.

    However, it has been fun and I’ve also picked up gear for a high haste and a low haste holy set, as well as disc.

    Cata is awesome. I mean, ok I am not as good as you, but I did heal the LK fight, I can do heroic 10s, and yet I wipe in a 5 man at 83. Healing as holy is fun and hard. I won’t be pugging it. I hope blizzard doesn’t nerf it, because these new dungeons will teach people how to freakin’ play.

    If you push too many buttons, you’re oom. I’m in ICC 10/25 + greens and blues (308 ilevel) and yeah, I oom. I got better. Switched Inner Will in, smaller heals, much more mana. I learned to weave chakra + prayer + Demise for a long lasting ground heal and told people to find and stand in it. Worked.

    You had better not stand in the wrong place, because tank threat is down, and you’ll die fast as a little ‘ole priest. Play smart!

    I won’t be pugging dungeons or raids because a) they are harder and b) you need 80% from your guild for rep.

    So yes, I think cata will rock. It’ll be harder for the casuals, not much harder for those of us with raid mentalities and hopefully they won’t nerf if so by the time people get to raiding, they won’t be used to the paladin tank holding aggro on 8 months in Heroic

  2. Steen says:

    Very sad to see you go, you are the best priest blogger since DwarfPriest.com, though I do not often respond I have always been reading. I hope your wrong about Cata… but I can’t say I don’t get the same feeling.

    Best of luck in your real life progression and thanks for the years of solid info!

  3. Anirak says:

    Bob, I’d like to reiterate Steen’s comment – as a priest I’ve enjoyed your blog and your math skills have helped me max my game; thank you for that. Grats on the new daughter.

    What you describe is actually very common for those of us who are ‘mature’ players; we simply cannot take on the ‘second job’ that the game can become, and we have a low tolerance for players that don’t care about their performance. My approach is to find a niche group of likeminded adults that come together and raid a couple nights a week. We aren’t hardcore, we aren’t ever going to be up there on the progression charts, however when we do raid, it’s serious fun, no screwing around, everyone focused, people know their class and how to play. Results have been good; the guild I’m in represents that and I’m pretty happy using WOW as a temp escape from real life, even in the lull right now before new content comes out.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks guys, but i’m not dead yet 😉

  5. Grace says:

    I genuinely hope you keep playing and blogging about priests and healing. Your ideas and insights are extremely helpful. My gameplay is vastly improved for reading your column. For entirely selfish reasons, I urge you to continue. 🙂 That said, raiding can be as frustrating as it can be fun. In the end, you have to do what you enjoy. Thank you for all your past and future blogging. It is much appreciated!

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