Need to know!

Just a quickie.

Stuff that no one seems to know yet about level 85, but this is crucial for theorycrafting is:

Know the answer?  Leave a comment.

Gobble gobble.

4 Responses to Need to know!

  1. Dawn says:

    SS one
    SS two

    From beta, patch 12984 still. Can you get everything you need to know from this? E-mail me if you need something else besides that.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks Dawn.

    Do you have talents in that SS?

    I think so Dawn. Some of those numbers look a bit wrong (like 23295 mana and 1029 mana regen naked), but I think those tool tips might be enough info though.

    Thanks again.

  3. Dawn says:

    Nah, no talents, I cleared them just a minute before the shot. There are a lot of bugs though, so I’ll copy over a fresh premade and see if they have anything different going on later tonight.

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