Priest base mana pool and mana regen coefficient at 85


Following on from my Need to Know post a few days ago it appears I now have the answers to the questions of base mana pool and mana regen coefficient for priests at level 85.

Note these may change at any time before the patch goes live.  I’m only posting these for interest sake.

Base mana pool

After plugging into Miss Medicina’s brain we believe that the base mana pool for a priest at 85 is 7540.  This is based on the mana cost of spells, which are of course based on a percent of base mana these days.

Lets try that again.

Using Dawn’s screenshot below as a source we can see she has 23295 mana pool while naked and without talents.  She has 199 intellect.

Mana from intellect is: (Intellect -20) * 15 +20 = 2705

So base mana pool @85 should be 23295 – 2705 = 20590

Mana regen coefficient

Dawn Moore came to the party for this one.  She provided me with a screen shot of herself naked showing her spirit based mana regen.

The important numbers are:

  • Spirit = 198
  • Intellect = 199
  • Spirit regen = 46

Plug these numbers into the regen formula:

Spirit regen = 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen)

Re-organise and voila.

46 = 3 (0.0001 + sqrt(199) * 198 * LevelRegen)
46 = 8379.4 LevelRegen
LevelRegen(@85) = 0.00549

If you look at the regen page linked above this number is in the right area, although i’m surprised, given previous expansions, that this number isn’t a little lower.  Perhaps Blizzard decided to balance mana regen another way, like getting rid of most of our additional mana regen sources.

Gobble gobble.

8 Responses to Priest base mana pool and mana regen coefficient at 85

  1. Badmissery says:

    I play a priest on the beta on level 85. And I don’t think the base mana pool is 7540.

    If I’m naked I’ve got 23235 mana.
    A shild costs 3912 mana or 19% base mana.

    3912 / 19 * 100 = 20590

    To proof this I take the formula for “mana from in”, I’ve got 195 Int.
    20 + (15 x (Int-20)) = 2645

    23235 – 2645 = 20590

    So I think the base mana on level 85 is 20590 or did I forgot something ?

    Sry for my bad english ^^

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Darn. I saw Dawn’s mana pool in the image above and wondered about 7540 as a base mana pool. I’ll edit the article.


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  4. Zusterke says:

    Hey Bob!

    In some recent number crunching I obtained some different results for the regen coefficient.

    First of all, in the screenie you see the tooltip mention 46 MP5 from spirit, but the character sheet notes a 47 MP5 difference between combat and out of combat. Consequently, one could assume the base coefficient to be between:

    46 mp5 -> 0.005489652
    47 mp5 -> 0.005608993

    These are some other numbers I got in, at PlusHeal or twitter:
    Spirit – 2019
    Intellect – 3975
    Regen OOC – 3158
    Regen IC – 2093 (no holy concentration)
    MP5 from basemana – 1029
    Regen from Spirit – 2129
    -> coefficient 0.00557506

    Spirit – 2410
    Intellect – 4076
    Regen OOC – 3602
    Regen IC – 2830 (with holy concentration)
    MP5 from basemana – 1029
    Regen from Spirit – 2129
    -> coefficient 0.005574224

    Both results I obtained are within the interval of
    [0.005489652, 0.005608993] which could be obtained from your screenie.

    While this is hardly scientifically proven… I’m going to make an educated guess. The coefficient is
    0.005575.. which is exactly what we have now at 80. In other words, I don’t think they changed the coefficient yet.

    What do you think? I’m sorry for not having double checked this earlier. I checked out your calculation when you posted it and accepted it as valid without checking it out with other numbers I had.

  5. Zusterke says:

    Actually, working with 0.005575 obtains exactly the results from the character sheets in both the numbers I recieved and Dawn’s pic. Do you too think this could be right?

  6. BobTurkey says:

    You could be right. The screenie was for a level 85 from the beta though.

    As I said in the article the number was closer to the existing number than I expected. So you idea that it is unchanged has is quite likely correct.

    We will need more data points to get a more accurate number.

  7. Zusterke says:

    Here are some numbers from people that kindly responded to my request on Twitter:
    – Tibbe@PlusHeal:
    Int 4076
    Spirit 2410
    Regen: 3602
    Combat Regen: 2830

    I checks out with 0.005575 as base coefficient.

  8. Zusterke says:

    Matticus generously lend some of his time for a screen as well:
    With the 0.005575 baseregen it works out. With 0.00549 you would obtain 2.982 MP5 out of combat.

    I hope the screenies help and again, sorry for not responding quicker 😦

    Keep up the awesomeness Bob!

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