Discipline 4.0.x guides

Just a quickie.

I’m not doing a 4.0 discipline guide, although i’ll comment on some aspects once it goes live, but here are a couple of good starters if you are wondering about how to discipline on live once 4.0.x lands.

  1. Firstly Avalonna at Tales of a Priest has her overview of 4.0.x discipline priests
  2. Secondly Malevica at Type “H” for Heals, a blog I only just discovered has a nicely detailed 4.0.x guide

So check them out.

Gobble gobble.

PS kids are such chronovores!

5 Responses to Discipline 4.0.x guides

  1. Maximumbob says:

    Chronovores….. i like it.

  2. Firebert says:

    Just checked the LUA for Pawn and Vger’s come up with a *very* rough scale if anyone’s interested, not that it probably needs fixing for stats:

    SP=100, Int=100, Haste=59, Crit=48, Spirit=33, Stam=.1

    Int=69, SP=60 Spirit=52, Crit=38, Haste=31, Stam=.1

    Hit=100, SP=76, Crit=54, Haste=50, Spirit=16, Int=76, Stam=.1

  3. Hanzi says:

    Following Firebert’s comment and Pawn stat weighting, I was wondering if you were planning to adapt your stat weightings to patch 4.0.1.

    What about Disco and Holy Masteries? How do Mastery weight compared to these other stats? Is Holy Mastery truly weak? Maybe it’s a bit early to have precise numbers. What’s your opinion?

    Thx in advance.

  4. Hanzi says:

    Hi, me again^^

    Quick follow up!

    Just in case you didn’t know, Lootrank now handles Mastery in its stat panel and as a Reforging Tool, which is diplayed by a reforging advice juste under the name of the item in the Lootrank lists.

  5. BobTurkey says:

    You can easily just use my old stat weights for the sake of a few weeks. There is a huge gear reset coming in 7 weeks (when Cataclysm releases) anyway.

    The shadow one looks quite wrong mainly because spirit grants hit rating for shadow so spirit must be at least equal to hit rating.

    Regarding mastery. It’s horrible! The base mastery skill is decent for both specs, but its not worth gearing for mastery rating at all at this time. Currently there is also no point in gearing for mastery rating at 85 either, but more on that later.

    Mastery will become more valuable about 4.2 or 4.3 once we have once again conquered mana regen.

    Strangely the discipline mastery seems like its a hang over from the bad old days of shield spamming. I’m under the impression we won’t be doing that much in Cataclysm. Perhaps i’m wrong.

    In Cataclysm we’ll be gearing for intellect mainly and then spirit. Then crit, with haste and mastery of very low value. This is mainly because at least the first patch or two will be all about increasing mana regen. I have numbers but they are not nearly ready yet.

    Thanks all.

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