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There is some discussion about the value of mastery going on at the moment so I thought i’d put out a quick post rather than have my replay get lost in the comments on one of my other posts.

I’m tired so this will be blunt and hopefully coherent.

The base +20% shielding/+10% healing of mastery is a nice bonus.   You don’t need to spend any item budget getting this.  It’s basically free when you choose your specialisation.

At 80 mastery rating is great because we have nearly unlimited mana and more mastery directly results in more throughput.  Players already have good crit and haste so they are seeing good additional throughout from mastery rating.  So mastery looks good.

The healing environment at 85 will be quite different.  We will probably have 50% more mana regen (i’ve made that number up) and we will have about 50% more mana in our mana pool, but spells will cost six times as much.  Mana will be an issue.  This is also the experiences of priests on the public test realm.

So the additional throughput of taking mastery rating on gear will be less valuable than most of the other stats at 85.  This will probably change around patch 4.2 or 4.3 when mana regen is once again conquered and throughput becomes king again.

So that’s my take on it anyway.  Discus.

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9 Responses to More on mastery

  1. Eressëa says:

    This is pretty much what I am thinking 🙂 Mastery right now in ICC when we have tons of crit and haste and no mana issues = borderline OP. But at 85 it will go way way down. Our spellpower will go up a bit, haste and crit will plummet, and healthpools will double. My priest is 85 on the beta and her avg ilvl is 327 and she has about 82k health, 71k mana, 3.4k int, 1725 spi, 4924 sp, 5.61% haste, 9.61% crit, and 2207 combat regen.

  2. Grace says:

    I have to wonder what I’m doing wrong. All the theorycrafters keep saying that we have unlimited mana at 80, but as a holy priest, in play, I’m eating through mana and running out. That was never a problem in 3.3.5.

  3. tamiflu says:

    @grace renew cost +4% mana per use

  4. fung says:

    mastery? not haste to make up for some lost and possibly approach another penance tick if it’s not a bug that the extra tick isn’t happening right now?

  5. drift says:

    I’m not seeing the extra penance tick either. I spent close to 1k re-gemming/chanting, etc and now i have 22% base haste. And with BT,3/3darkness, and 5% raid buff (s.priest or WoA totem) I’m still not getting it but hey I can’t inspect and my shields are 25% weaker today than 2 days ago so who knows. Everything is a mess right now. I’m sure they fix it all eventually

  6. Arrelliana says:

    Right now mastery is a gimmick stat for say ICC heroics so your one button bubble spam is the most powerful tool you have. So you can drop spirt/crit/haste above cap to get as much Shield as you can. I think we will see a return to haste meaning you burn more mana, crit is more throughput without mana cost but unreliable, mastery as being the bonus stat for throughput, and mana regen being king at the start.

    I agree at 80 you can play with stuff..the theory will be quite different at 85 from what we have seen on beta in my guild.

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  8. Thorrion says:

    Did some maths for throughput only. Might not be really accurate, so take with a grain of salt. My gear is mostly lvl 277, you can check armory for details (Thorrion @ Dunemaul-EU)

    Throughput stat weights:

    Flash Heal spam:
    Haste: 2.45
    Intellect: 2.02
    Spell Power: 1.24
    Mastery: 0.54

    PW: Shield spam:
    Mastery: 4.30
    Haste: 2.62
    Intellect: 1.15
    Spell Power: 0.82

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