I’m done for now.  I’m not excited about Cataclysm.  I’m having trouble finding the interest to read even the well written WoW blog posts in my feed reader.  So i’m officially out.

This post started writing itself pretty much as soon as we killed Lich King 10 and my guild started disintegrating.  I initially put if off as end-of-expansion-blues, but as the Ice Crown buff stacked higher and higher and I played around with alts and PUGing I started to realise I just wasn’t enjoying the game anymore.

Changing priorities

My priorities are changing.  I need more family time which leaves little time to raid.  In hindsight I feel even raiding three nights a week (i’ve raided regularly four nights and up to six for short periods) really is a waste of time in the grand scheme of things.  Sorry if you raid and see this as a personal attack.  It’s not intended that way.  I look back on all the cool raiding I did over the last three years and its great, but then I look at the time I spent doing this and realise there are so many alternatives which would have been more valuable long-term.  I suppose the time investment compared to the reward isn’t really that high in my opinion.  Not because raiding isn’t fun, but because of the sheer magnitude of time required to be competitive at a high level (high level is relative of course).

Having said that all of the highlights have been raiding ones.  Lich King 10 (10% buff) and Putricide 25 (5% buff) kills were both up there.  Putricide 25 man is one of the best fights of the expansion, probably only pipped at the post by Mimiron 25.  Algalon 10 (I never did 25 man) felt epic even in tier 9/tier 10 gear.  A few bugs in this fight are all that stop it from being one of the best.  Ulduar generally was the pick of the raids in my opinion.

I currently have 4 level 80’s and little interest in leveling another alt as the questing is rather stale.  I enjoy the leveling part of games and not being interested in this aspect in WoW really diminishes its hold on me.

I have little social attachment to WoW, primarily due to me chasing ‘high-end’ raiding guilds, which are general more professional (kinda like a job) than social.   I didn’t realise this was an issue at the time but now i’m reflecting on what I want out of my game time having fun with friends is definently part of it.

I know i’m respected for my priest theorycrafting but to be honest I’m a bit over the min/maxing of WoW.  It really hit home when I found myself commenting on the guild forum that a guild applicants lack of a crafting profession was a black mark for their application.  Later I realised how stupid this is.

Lack of crafting profession = loss of about 50 spell power.  Compared to the 3000+ spell power priests are packing this is less than a 2% loss and means their healing spells land for about 50 less health.  When spells are landing for 8 or 10 thousand, 50 is small potatoes.   I love the challenge of theorycrafting, but i’m increasingly doubting the value of it.

On a personal level my mind keeps seeing WoW in the same terms as EverQuest and Lineage.  I.e. historically rather than as a going concern.  My subconscious has already quit WoW. 😦

I didn’t realise how bored I was with the WoW easy crafting system until I tried crafting in other games again.  I’ve picked up Lord of the Rings Online and crafting is fun again.

I think the reworking of priests and the introduction of Chakra and Archangel are decent changes and will make priesting generally more fun.  Just not fun enough to hold me.


[gear rant]

Gear equalled achievement when I started (end of Burning Crusade).  Gear showed how far you had progressed in the end game.  Now gear is nearly completely devalued as a sign of achievement.  It’s now a fairly accessible tool for …. what? If everyone can access all the end-game content and everyone can access almost all the gear, what is the gear a tool for achieving?  Getting a new achievement for 10 achievement points?

[/gear rant]

I suppose the achievement thing is the crux of the issue in some ways.  As I have said before I like achieveing hard things.  Other than some of the harder raid bosses on heroic setting I don’t feel there is really much for me to achieve in this game anymore.   Sadly i’m not that interested in doing the same bosses in heroic mode.  It kinda meets my need for achievement but frankly its kinda boring doing the same bosses again with harder but otherwise very similar mechanics.

Perhaps i’m expecting too much.


I could never get into the lore of WoW.  Not sure why.  Maybe it was the transfer of the WoW-verse from real-time strategy world, where I wasn’t really that attached to the storyline, to massively multiplayer online game world that did it, or rather didn’t do it for me.  Then again I was never really into the lore side of Guild Wars, even though I role played more in that game. /shrugs

To be honest it’s hard for me to fair to WoW re:lore as i’ve just started playing Lord of the Rings online and I’m a huge Tolkien fan.  So I won’t go on about the it.

That will do.  Wow is a great game.  An iconic game.  But probably past its prime now IMHO.

Thanks to all those who have read and enjoyed my posts over the last couple of years.  A special thanks to those that have posted intelligent comments on this blog and who have already posted their support for me on some of my previous posts.

Where to next?  I’m not sure.  I’ll leave the blog up.  I’m playing LotRO ATM and there are very few bloggers talking about that game, so maybe i’ll start blogging about that.  Maybe not.  I started blogging when I was under-employed at work.  Now i’m not working and sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day i’m finding it harder to make the time to blog, especially with the restricted free time.  So who knows?

Anyway…  Enjoy your game. 🙂

Gobble gobble.


51 Responses to Farewell

  1. Wynthea says:

    Bob –

    I have enjoyed your blog, and appreciate the time and energy it takes, not only to write about the game as comprehensively as you do, but to play it as well. Thanks for everything – your voice will be missed, and I’m glad to hear that you’re considering writing about things that still pique your interest.

  2. Keeva says:

    Goodbye, Mr Turkey, I’ll miss you.

  3. Steve says:

    I appreciate your careful theorycrafting and will miss it greatly. It seems an odd time to quit with new content just around the corner. I’m looking forward to replaying the game with all the newly reworked quests. Seems a good time to start my first alt after playing my healing priest for almost 5 years now.

  4. philbro says:

    all the best turke
    love philbro 🙂

  5. Tsark says:

    Thanks for the careful thought about priest theorycrafting, and I wish you the best of luck, for whatever you end up doing!

  6. Mentor says:

    I know where your coming from, the same happened to me with Burning Crusade. I took an entire 9 months off WOW before playing WoTLK and when I came back my raiding feeling was, well I like them but don’t want be set on military time. I found a new love for the PvP side of the game as playing against something that you can’t always predict exciting and infuriating at the same time. I do get to raid however it’s when I want to as I know guilds who have done the ICC kill and are just farming it.
    I am one who actually likes the new patch changes and am looking forward to a revamped Azeroth. Hopefully a Goblin mage which I shall call Klunk (catch the pigeon)!!!!
    Good luck Bob and thanks for a great blog.

  7. bsullivan says:

    Gobble gobble, salute! Bob, I will miss you. Your site has been my go-to for all things priesty for the last couple years. I have enjoyed following your theorycrafting, thoughts and ideas about the class as well as your play notes. You will be missed. I echo your sentiments about the value of playing the game and this has been hit home for me recently in several personal ways. Your feelings about gear and achievements are dead-on, too. Thanks for putting those out there. Stay real, be well, and I wish you the best of the best in all your endeavors. – B

  8. Nasiir says:

    I sort of know how you feel.

    It has been nearly 6 months since I lost the itch. I’m curious to see what Cataclysm will offer, but my interest is solidly casual at this point. I don’t read WoW blogs anymore, not the theorycrafting threads on EJ and I almost never read my old guild’s forums. Yours is the last feed in my reader currently.

    Thanks for the interesting posts, your hard work, and most of all for sharing it. Take it easy Bob.

    -Nasiir aka Jack

  9. Rebecca says:

    Argh. I will miss the gobble gobble at the end of each post… good luck. More family time is always good. I hope you enjoy whatever you move on to next!

  10. Derevka says:

    Farewell good sir.

    You’ve contributed some great thoughts to the community and I’ve learned some great things from you. I’ve always enjoyed reading here and will miss your analytical posts.

    Stay in touch man.


  11. Paolo says:

    Best of luck to you. Change is good, letting go is good.

    See you in another life, brother.


  12. Nuclayer says:

    Take Care Bob,

    Your Blog has been a staple of my reading for a very long time.

  13. Dawn says:

    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for blogging with us for the time you did. You’ve definitely been someone I’ve followed and looked to for information before and after I got the WoW Insider gig.

    I totally understand where you’re coming from and was facing many of the same gripes with lack of difficulty, raiding, social/progression guilds. The fights you listed are two of my favorite fights as well, and definitely some of the best crafted fights of the whole expansion. I’m very bummed to see them moving away from the Ulduar model of raiding, and away from complexity+skill=reward. All the same I have found my own reasons to keep playing and will stick for it until I don’t have that passion anymore. I’m sorry you couldn’t find similar reasons, but I hope you go on to brighter things =) Maybe we’ll see you for Blizz’s next MMO?

    Take care until then!


  14. Superfund says:

    Thanks for your work, Bob. This site was a long time must-follow for me.

  15. Benjis says:

    Sorry to see you go. I started out going to A Dwarf Priest blog then moved to yours when she left the game. Enjoy the family time and I think the most important part in your post was about playing with friends. The only thing keeping me in the game is friends and it is what makes the game special. Good luck!

  16. Matticus says:

    Damn dude. 😦 Take care of yourself.

  17. Alehann says:

    Thank you for all your work, your blog will definitely be missed… I wish you the best and enjoy your family !

  18. Sierra says:

    Thanks for your excellent contribution to the priest community, Bob. Your site was a huge factor in my learning how to be a great priest healer when I switched my main this past winter, and I’ve really enjoyed your posts and your well-explained theorycrafting.

    I’m also playing LOTRO on off nights and I really enjoy it. If you do decide to blog in that community, I’d love to know about it!

  19. deadpan says:

    Gobble gobble! Good for you to recognize when to quit. I hope to see you back when Cata comes out. Until then take care and have fun with your family. Your insight has been invaluable to all of us and you will be missed.

  20. […] note:  We’re gonna miss you Mr. Bob!  You’ve always been super helpful to the community and we are all gonna miss you.  I hope […]

  21. Christine says:

    Oh Noes! Sorry to hear this, but I am glad that i found your blog, since i started blogging back in 2009 you inspired me, and all your topics are very informative. Thanks for all of that it helps a lot. Goodluck Bob! We will miss you! Take care and God Bless you and your family always! ❤

  22. Mister K says:

    You’ll be missed Bob, I was always a fan you were funny and informative. Good luck in your future ventures

    K Out!

  23. Arrelliana says:

    Enjoy your wowcation…and best wishes. I want to personally thank you and your blog for helping me get to where I am today. Although we may no longer share the same love of the game, I am a great priest today because you were featured on wow.com way back when. Maybe I will start up a blog and try to keep up your format and things you did. It was simple, informative, and straight to the point.

    Ty again..and stay away from turkey shoots. 🙂

  24. […] and also just a quick note this might be off topic but I will go ahead and let you guys know, that Bob Turkey finally say his goodbyes to Blogosphere, we will do miss him, I love reading his blog as its very informative especially towards priest […]

  25. crowflylow says:

    Brutal what’s an alcoholic priest to do now “The man has left the building” where do I go what do I do, what gear do I need, how am I supposed to think. Like loosing El Captain in combat, the horror. Give the kids some Indian burn on the noggin, pat the wife on the butt and learn how to watch the evening blues again. Reality can be cool. Miss your shizzal manaaaan.

  26. Muse says:

    You will be missed Your are the first blog I go to when it comes to my priest. But ironically I have been feeling the same way…. Hope to see you crafting for another game soon.

  27. chuck says:

    I was wondering if you where going to stop. You haven’t seemed that interested in a while. Holy priest healing is really retarded now. I don’t plan on healing or perhaps even playing in cata.

  28. Tam says:

    Oh God, who is going to my theorycrafting for me now?!!

    Ahem, seriously though, many thanks for the blogging, I’ve very much enjoyed it and appreciated it, and I wish you many good things in the future 🙂

  29. Beatific says:

    Your site has been an inspiration – you will be missed. best of luck in all you do!

  30. Thomas Jespersen says:

    Good luck with your life!

    I really enjoyed this blog, probably my favorite priest blog.

  31. Todd Opaleynsia says:

    miss ya man!

  32. Justin "Rez" says:

    Have been a fan since the start! You have helped me make decisions for my priest and have provided a strong backbone for the priesty community for a long time. I have been around the game for the past 7 years and each year a friend leaves and a part of the experience dies each time. I hope Cata brings back a few friends that I raided Molten Core and Karazahan with. If not it might be the end of a great experience. Good luck with your future endeavors!

  33. Zusterke says:

    … Damnit Bob. Who should I now discuss tiny little irrelevant details in our maths with, only to end up with the same conclusions?
    You’ll be missed, man. But I’ll come back to check this blog, and return the smile from that smiley at the bottom of your pages 😉

    Thanks for all the awesome work you did!

  34. tamiflu says:

    you will be missed
    all that veterans seems to sing the same…”time to say goodbye”
    good luck in rl

  35. Neferneith says:

    Gobble in peace and best of luck in first life.

  36. Housecalls says:

    Hey Turke, time to get into the garden :)Clearly you love blogging so fire up the Turkeblog in the next direction and let me know what it is…..my vent needs updating its been so long since chatting.

    House Calls

  37. KiLLeTH says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. You kept the game interesting and fun for me through your theorycrafting.
    Loved your writing style and sense of humor. I hope to read your new blogs. Bye for now.


  38. InNYC says:

    Wow is only a distraction if it’s not social. It’s been progressively less so since BC. (I’d rather go to a party with 39 other people than to work with 4 or 9.) 25-mans didn’t revive the fun, common goal environment. Anymore it’s 5+ strangers who don’t talk – except to complain about dps, heelz or aggro. And the social tools recently added seem better for Facebook than a game. My guildmates would kill me for saying that, which is actually the problem. We used to have fun while progressing/succeeding.

    I blame the end of CC. When a mage doesn’t need to watch a sheep, remove a curse or nova to save the healer, it allows them to focus on dps. With every fight a dps race it removed some of the skill. That’s how you grow to 12 million players. Not having a crafting profession tells me the person is an an alt or out for loot first not contribution. 80% of my ignore list was populated in the last 12 months. But you’re right. Who cares? Well, I did.

  39. Vixsin says:


    You sir, are the smartest Turkey I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (albeit from a distance).

    You will be greatly missed.

  40. Avalonna says:

    Bye bob – hopefully you’ll be around in one way or another. You’ve been a boon to the community.

    Gobble Gobble.

  41. R. Middaugh says:

    Thanks. Really made a difference for me, a casual player. Best wishes.


  42. Hamacus says:

    Appreciated all your work and insights. You will be missed. Recently several friends/raid mates who have been playing since beta quit the game as well.

    They cane from RTS and are not really in to the lore as I am so maybe there is something to that idea. Good luck and take care in all you do.

  43. HS says:

    Fare thee well Bob, your Blog has been extremely helpful to me since the day I discovered it and I thank you. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  44. JT says:

    Just another example of why elitism is bad…im glad you were able to finally see it. I cannot tell you how annoying it is for people to post in chat that they need more people but you have to be at x level with xgs and post achievements plus they look at your gear and then…if all of that passes you have to know the fight too jeesh takes all the fun out of it and lets few get in

  45. ohmylady333 says:

    I appreciate your nice work, expect more here.

  46. Alex says:

    Bob! i thought i was prepared for you leaving. but after playing this month, i really miss your articles. i feel a little lost. you’re missed buddy.

    hey Bob…Merry Christmas.

  47. Windsoar says:

    I have avoided posting this comment in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, the shininess would suck you in and I’d turn around and find you posting again.

    However, since that doesn’t seem to be the case, I’d like to wish you well in your non-WoW journeys, and thank you for your posts and comments.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  48. spiralofhope says:

    Sorry to see you go.

  49. Azrax (Old Friend) says:

    Farewell Turke my old friend. I had the pleasure of raiding with you and knowing what a great person you are. I wish you well with whatever you decide to do in your future.


  50. Azrax (Old Friend) says:

    P.s. If you ever do come back, you can find me on Khaz’goroth now, under the same name.

  51. Lujanera says:

    Mr Turkey,

    I still miss your posts. Nobody else says ‘gobble gobble’ like you do. I hope you’ve found greener pastures.


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