Battle for Wesnoth mini-review

28 October 2011

Overall 10/10

Battle for Wesnoth was one of the hidden gems I discovered once I stopped spending hours waiting for raids to start or grinding daily quests.

This is the sort of game I first loved PCs for (well after International Karate, Ultima 4 and Bubble Bobble).  A turn based strategic game based in a fantasy setting.  Think fantasy wargame.    It looks good despite only being old school VGA graphics.  It is clean and all the elements are easy to identify on the screen.  None of that mousing over random scenery to try and figure out if it’s something you can interact with or just eye candy.

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Dominion 3: The Awakening mini-review

6 October 2011

Overall 7/10

When I finished my WoW thing I decided I was keen on some old school, turn based, strategy action.  After looking around for a while (like about  10 minutes) I stumbled on Dominion 3: The Awakening.  This game is about as old school as it gets.  In fact it reminds me of games from the early 1990’s, but it does have some upside for those who like this sort of thing.

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The home rebirth

5 October 2011

Hi!  So yeah, its been a year eh?  Life has been busy and blogging has been a low priority.  But not any more!  It’s now a slightly above low priority. 🙂

Ok, some of you might remember me, but most won’t.  I used to run this blog as a World of Warcraft blog mainly about priests.  Its was pretty popular (4k visitors a day) and I was pushing out posts a few times a week, mainly during quiet times at work.  But that was the old days.

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