The home rebirth

5 October 2011

Hi!  So yeah, its been a year eh?  Life has been busy and blogging has been a low priority.  But not any more!  It’s now a slightly above low priority. 🙂

Ok, some of you might remember me, but most won’t.  I used to run this blog as a World of Warcraft blog mainly about priests.  Its was pretty popular (4k visitors a day) and I was pushing out posts a few times a week, mainly during quiet times at work.  But that was the old days.

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2 November 2010

I’m done for now.  I’m not excited about Cataclysm.  I’m having trouble finding the interest to read even the well written WoW blog posts in my feed reader.  So i’m officially out.

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More on mastery

16 October 2010


There is some discussion about the value of mastery going on at the moment so I thought i’d put out a quick post rather than have my replay get lost in the comments on one of my other posts.

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Discipline 4.0.x guides

9 October 2010

Just a quickie.

I’m not doing a 4.0 discipline guide, although i’ll comment on some aspects once it goes live, but here are a couple of good starters if you are wondering about how to discipline on live once 4.0.x lands.

  1. Firstly Avalonna at Tales of a Priest has her overview of 4.0.x discipline priests
  2. Secondly Malevica at Type “H” for Heals, a blog I only just discovered has a nicely detailed 4.0.x guide

So check them out.

Gobble gobble.

PS kids are such chronovores!

Reduce the item level between raiding tiers

3 October 2010

This is just an idea that has been floating around in my head for ages.  So I thought i’d throw it out there.

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Priest base mana pool and mana regen coefficient at 85

28 September 2010


Following on from my Need to Know post a few days ago it appears I now have the answers to the questions of base mana pool and mana regen coefficient for priests at level 85.

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Mastery for healing priests

26 September 2010


Don’t do it!

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