Healing priest trinkets in 3.1

30 May 2009


Previously when posting gear lists for Discipline and Holy I intentionally excluded trinkets from those lists. While writing those lists I didn’t really have time to give trinkets the work they need and I wasn’t happy with LootRanks treatment of them either. Trinkets are a bit of a special case for gearing as they have significantly more variety between them. The idea of higher item level means better doesn’t apply as strictly as it does for the other gearing slots.

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First impressions of Uldar

28 May 2009


Yes, yes I know Uldar has been out for a while.  I’m a casual raider remember?  Actually RL has been pretty busy of late and one weekend of raids were missed when I thought by graphics card had completely died.  It only half died and i’m picking up the new one today, but that is another story.

Uldar.  Where all the cool cats congregate.  Saturday night, after the awesome Naxx 25 run Friday night, I was minding my own business working off some rested XP on Moowall when I get a whisper from a guildie asking if I wanted to heal Uldar 10.  I didn’t really.  I kinda wanted to just level some alts and relax, not smash my head against progression raiding.  I have to admit I was a bit scared intimidated by Uldar.  I’d gotten used to familiar old Naxx and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone.
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Holy raiding

26 May 2009


I finally got a chance to road test Holy over the weekend.  A couple of guildies organised a quality (i.e. gear checked) Naxx 25 PUG.  I was late on and the last healer to join.  Wow! Five priests in the raid.  This will be interesting.  Two shadow and three discipline speced including me.  I get summoned and they are at the first boss in Spider wing.  My healing assignment? … Raid.

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I have the POWA!

24 May 2009


*Queue the next line from some song from the 80’s* KLF?

I actually mean Power Auras Classic.  The addon, not the band.

I’ve been wanting to try this out for ages, but haven’t really found a good use for it for my healer.  A number of others have posted about this funky addon and it sounds and looks useful.

Enter my decision to finally get my act together and re-bind my mouse wheel to something more useful than zoom in/zoom out for my warrior and we have a perfect marriage of form and function.

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Theorycrafting and gear list update

22 May 2009


I’ve updated my theorycrafting posts slightly to include two changes.

Firstly as Zusterke pointed out over at WowInsider my assumption of 80% inside the 5 second rule was a little unlikely.  I’ve bumped this up to 90%.

Secondly i’ve changed the valuation of Holy Concentration.  Originally I was working off 70% uptime for this but there seems to be more support for an uptime more like 45%.  Also i’ve discovered the additional regen is a flat 50% of whatever you’d normally have (be it inside or outside the five second rule).  These two changes significantly reduce the value of Holy Concentration down from about 140-160 MP5 to about 50 MP5.  I’m suspecting a buff to HC might happen before too long.  Would be nice if they extended it to 12s duration or something.

This has some flow-on effects to my Discipline and Holy gear lists.  These lists are also updated to include some of the new stuff still being discovered in Uldar.

So if your interested go and have a look.

Gobble gobble.

PS Discovered another Discipline Priest blog.  This one likes numbers.

3.1.2 has landed

20 May 2009

Some are calling it a minor patch.  It’s not so minor for priests and Disc priests in particular.

Important bits:

  • Divine Hymn: Healing and healing scaling reduced by 30%. Buff on affected players changed from 15% to 10%.
  • Renewed Hope: Effect can no longer be dispelled.
  • Soul Warding: Mana cost reduction is now 15% down from 30%.

I’m not sure how minor these are.  Divine Hymn continues to get nerfed, while retaining its ‘once per boss fight’ cool down.  I haven’t had a chance to test this yet, but i’m hoping they go easy on any future changes to it.

Also a nerf to Soul Warding. My calculations have this going from costing 556 mana to 675 mana.  That seems fairly significant to me.  Il might even get to raid tonight to test it out.  Hmm actually my video card is dying and the new one won’t arrive till about Friday.  The onboard video card on my motherboard runs WoW surprisingly well, but doesn’t like Dalaran much.  I doubt it will like raiding either…

*crosses finders for a fast delivery*

Equipment Manager When enabled from the Interface Options menu, this feature will allow players to store sets of equipment, easily swap between saved sets using hotkeys, and pull items directly from backpacks or bank slots (must be at the bank to equip inventory from the bank).

This I am looking forward to checking out.  I hope it is well implemented (and less buggy than dual specs were).

Gobble gobble.

PS Interesting fact (or not) – Signing off with ‘Gobble gobble’ could get me banned from Elitist Jerks forums. I t’was surprised.

PPS OK it is a minor patch 🙂

Need more priestly throughput?

18 May 2009


Just a short post to provide some numbers for those that think my previous numbers were too mana regen focused.

I have just taken my existing model and bumped the spell power to MP5 ratio from 0.6 to 1.5.

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